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International Workshop on Curative Conservation of .......................

Workshop on “Curative Conservation of Water color paintings and drawings” was jointly organized by INTACH Indian Conservation Institute, Lucknow and Department of National Museums, Colombo, Sri Lanka from July 16 – 20, 2012 & September 24 – 26, 201 at National Museum, Colombo, Sri Lanka. The participants for this workshop were eleven in number from which eight participant were for Document repairing, two conservation Officers from the Laboratory and one Curator.

Museum has hundreds of Botanical paintings, water color drawings and pencil sketches etc. These are unique and rare with fine quality of drawings made by water color. At present, these are in deteriorating condition and need conservation treatment immediately. Mostly the period was belong to 1850 to 1903.This workshop was specially organized by the staff of National Museum, Colombo. It was planned to conduct a workshop with followed action of supervising the restored work.

Financial Support by-Indian Sri Lanka Foundation

Organized by -INTACH Indian Conservation Institutes, Lucknow, India And 

Department of National Museums, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Co ordination

The workshop was coordinated by Mrs Mamta Mishra, Director, INTACH Indian Conservation Institute, Lucknow. (India) and in Sri Lanka,

Activity 1 was co- ordinate by Mrs. Nilimani Nethasinghe, Conservation officer, National Museum, Colombo.

Activity 2- was arranged by Ms. M.P.Chandima Probodini Kumari, Conservation officer, National Museum, Colombo, Sri Lanka.


Mrs. Mamta Mishra, Director INTACH Indian Conservation Institute, Lucknow, India

Mr.Ashutosh Bajpai, Conservator INTACH Indian Conservation Institute, Lucknow, India


Padamshree Dr. O. P. Agrawal, Emritious Advisor, INTACH, ICCI, New Delhi


Mr. Nilabh Sinha, Principal Director,INTACH Indian Council of Conservation Institute, New Delhi.



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