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If you are agree with below policy please click 'Yes' button and complete the application form to reserve our auditorium.

The National Museum Auditorium Booking Policy

The auditorium could be used for any function such seminars, prize givings, social and welfare activities etc.  
Seating capacity -  250

The Reservation charges for the National Museum Auditorium
For one day (08 hours) - Rs 50,000.00
For a ½ day (04hours) - Rs 26,000.00
For 01 hour - Rs 8,000.00
For the each exceeding hour - Rs 8,000.00  (up to 5.00p.m. only)
Deposit amount - Rs 10000.00

The reservation of the auditorium has to be made one week in advance.

The reservation of the auditorium has to be made one week in advance.
The full payment, service charges and deposit should be paid to the Finance Division of the Department of National Museums and should obtain a receipt. Payment can be made only on weekdays from 9.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m.
Deposit will be refunded after deducting the cost of any damages and for the use of auditorium facilities in excess of the stipulated time limits.
If the function could not be hold on the due date only 75% of the deposit will be released.

The auditorium will not be given for political purposes.

Except on public holidays the auditorium could be booked from 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. Please be responsible for release the auditorium at 5.30 p.m .

Food and beverages should be supplied by the organizers and for entertainments the allocated area in the ground floor shall be used.

Smoking and consumption of liquor is prohibited.

The position of the tools and equipment in the auditorium should not be removed without approval of the officer in charge.

For decoration the auditorium is available one hour before the function. Within this period only electricity can be provided.
Necessary decorative items should supplied by the organizers.
The auditorium should not be damaged for decorative purposes.
Please be prevent from any other harm full activities.
The banner (10 ' x 3 ' ) which belongs to the function or seminar could be hang at the selected area on the stage
Please do not lighting burners, lighting camphor, dummala inside the auditorium.
Any equipment or materials brought from outside by the organizers for the function or seminar should remove as soon as the function or seminar is over.
The organization/institution booking the auditorium is responsible for the careful use of building, furniture, equipment etc.
Education Promoting Officer : Education and Publication Division
Telephone : 0094 60216898
0094 112694767 Ext : 231
E-mail :


Education Promoting Officer : Museum Auditorium
Telephone : 0094 112 667749
0094 112 694767 Ext : 272
* Above Reservation charges are effective from 2022.04.01

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