Sinhala (Sri Lanka)Tamil (Sri Lanka)
Buddha in meditating attitude

Abhayagiri monastery, Anuradhapura
9th - 10th century
Bronze with remains of gilt: solid cast
Height 23.3 cm

This Buddha statue, showing the conventional attitude of meditation, stylistically forms an intermediate link between the 9th century group and the 10th century products. We observe a rather sensitive touch similar to that shown in exhibit no. 9 in the form of the face and the delicate facial lines, in the elegant bends of the fingers and toes, as well as in the curves of the body which shine through the clinging robe and its undulating folds. The body stances and the disposition of the limbs, however, have become comparatively more reposeful. A strong sense of solid dignity and reassuring stability accompanies the sensitive treatment of the details.